While I was a student at the Tuck School of Business, I started to write articles for Delphi Developer, a magazine published by Pinnacle Publishing.

They include:

  • "A New Way to Surf: Microsoft's Internet Control Pack" (June 1996; Vol. 2, no. 6)
  • "Best of Both Worlds: Fast and Safe Database Applications" (July 1996; Vol. 2, no. 7)
  • "Unleash the Power of Delphi 2" (August 1996; Vol. 2, no. 8)
  • "HyperTerp: a Scripting Language Your Users Will Love" (September 1996; Vol. 2, no. 9)
  • "Delphi 2.0 HTML Editor" (May 1997; Vol. 3, no. 5)
  • "Tip: Correctly Maximizing Forms" (September 1997; Vol. 3, no. 9)

I have fond memories of the first article, in particular: it described how you could use Microsoft's Internet Control Pack (which was still in beta at the time of writing) to create your own simple web browser with just a few lines of Delphi code...