Since I was, originally, a student of Dutch language and literature, it is hardly surprising that I have long had an interest in poetry; and at some point I decided to publish a booklet with poems written by members of the ISPE, a society to which I belonged at the time.

Unfortunately, that project proved much more difficult than I had anticipated, and I suspect the book would never have been published if it had not been for the invaluable help and advice offered by Kent L. Aldershof...

Cover of 'Of Penchants and Passions, Terrors and Tears'

My own contribution to Of Penchants and Passions, Terrors and Tears was a translation of an original by Jan Hendrik Leopold, who is generally considered to be one of the greatest Dutch poets of the 20th century (and who happened to be a teacher at the high school where I would be a student several decades later):


Oh, when I'll be dead, be dead,
come and whisper, whisper sweet words,
I'll open my pale eyes
and I won't be surprised.

And I won't be surprised;
through this love, death
will be but a sleep, a quiet sleep,
a waiting for you —will be a mere waiting.